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Procedure Index Entries ICD9-CM Code
Labbe operation (gastrotomy) 43.0
Expand Labiectomy (bilateral) 71.62
Labyrinthectomy (transtympanic) 20.79
Labyrinthotomy (transtympanic) 20.79
Ladd operation (mobilization of intestine) 54.95
Lagrange operation (iridosclerectomy) 12.65
Lambrinudi operation (triple arthrodesis) 81.12
Expand Laminectomy (decompression) (for exploration) 03.09
Laminography see: Radiography
Laminoplasty, expansile 03.09
Expand Laminotomy (decompression) (for exploration) 03.09
Langenbeck operation (cleft palate repair) 27.62
Laparoamnioscopy 75.31
Laparorrhaphy 54.63
Expand Laparoscopy 54.21
Expand Laparotomy NEC 54.19
Laparotrachelotomy 74.1
Lapidus operation (bunionectomy with metatarsal osteotomy) 77.51
Larry operation (shoulder disarticulation) 84.08
Expand Laryngectomy
Laryngocentesis 31.3
Laryngoesophagectomy 30.4
Laryngofissure 30.29
Expand Laryngogram 87.09
Expand Laryngopharyngectomy (with synchronous tracheostomy) 30.3
Expand Laryngopharyngoesophagectomy (with synchronous tracheostomy) 30.3
Laryngoplasty 31.69
Laryngorrhaphy 31.61
Laryngoscopy (suspension) (through artificial stoma) 31.42
Expand Laryngostomy (permanent) 31.29
Laryngotomy 31.3
Expand Laryngotracheobronchoscopy 33.23
Laryngotracheoscopy 31.42
Expand Laryngotracheostomy (permanent) 31.29
Expand Laryngotracheotomy (temporary) 31.1
Expand Laser
     see also: Coagulation, Destruction, and Photocoagulation by site
Expand Lash operation
LASIK (Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) 11.71
Expand Latzko operation
Expand Lavage
Leadbetter operation (urethral reconstruction) 58.46
Leadbetter-Politano operation (ureteroneocystostomy) 56.74
LEEP (loop electrosurgical excision procedure ) of cervix 67.32
Le Fort operation (colpocleisis) 70.8
LeMesurier operation (cleft lip repair) 27.54
Expand Lengthening
Leriche operation (periarterial sympathectomy) 05.25
Leucotomy, leukotomy 01.32
Leukopheresis, therapeutic 99.72
Lid suture operation (blepharoptosis) 08.31
Expand Ligation
Light coagulation see: Photocoagulation
Lindholm operation (repair of ruptured tendon) 83.88
Lingulectomy, lung 32.3
Linton operation (varicose vein) 38.59
Lipectomy (subcutaneous tissue) (abdominal) (submental) 86.83
Liposuction 86.83
Lip reading training 95.49
Lip shave 27.43
Expand Lisfranc operation
Expand Litholapaxy, bladder 57.0
Expand Lithotomy
Expand Lithotripsy
Littlewood operation (forequarter amputation) 84.09
LLETZ (large loop excision of the transformation zone) of cervix 67.32
Lloyd-Davies operation (abdominoperineal resection) 48.5
Expand Lobectomy
Lobotomy, brain 01.32
Expand Localization, placenta 88.78
Longmire operation (bile duct anastomosis) 51.39
Loop ileal stoma
     see also: Ileostomy
Loopogram 87.78
Looposcopy (ileal conduit) 56.35
Expand Lord operation
Lower GI series (x-ray) 87.64
Lucas and Murray operation (knee arthrodesis with plate) 81.22
Expand Lumpectomy
Lymphadenectomy (simple)
     see also: Excision, lymph, node
Lymphadenotomy 40.0
Lymphangiectomy (radical)
     see also: Excision, lymph, node, by site, radical
Expand Lymphangiogram
Lymphangioplasty 40.9
Lymphangiorrhaphy 40.9
Lymphangiotomy 40.0
Expand Lymphaticostomy 40.9
Expand Lysis