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Procedure Index Entries ICD9-CM Code
Madlener operation (tubal ligation) 66.31
Expand Magnet extraction
Magnetic resonance imaging (nuclear) see: Imaging, magnetic resonance
Magnuson (-Stack) operation (arthroplasty for recurrent shoulder dislocation) 81.82
Expand Malleostapediopexy 19.19
Expand Malström's vacuum extraction 72.79
Mammaplasty see: Mammoplasty
Expand Mammectomy
     see also: Mastectomy
Mammilliplasty 85.87
Mammography NEC 87.37
Expand Mammoplasty 85.89
Mammotomy 85.0
Manchester (-Donald) (-Fothergill) operation (uterine suspension) 69.22
Expand Mandibulectomy (partial) 76.31
Expand Maneuver (method)
Expand Manipulation
Expand Manometry
Manual arts therapy 93.81
Expand Mapping
Marckwald operation (cervical os repair) 67.59
Marshall-Marchetti (-Krantz) operation (retropubic urethral suspension) 59.5
Expand Marsupialization
     see also: Destruction, lesion, by site
Expand Massage
MAST (military anti-shock trousers) 93.58
Expand Mastectomy (complete) (prophylactic) (simple) (unilateral) 85.41
Masters' stress test (two-step) 89.42
Expand Mastoidectomy (cortical) (conservative) 20.49
Mastoidotomy 20.21
Mastoidotympanectomy 20.42
Mastopexy 85.6
Mastoplasty see: Mammoplasty
Mastorrhaphy 85.81
Mastotomy 85.0
Matas operation (aneurysmorrhaphy) 39.52
Expand Mayo operation
Mazet operation (knee disarticulation) 84.16
McBride operation (bunionectomy with soft tissue correction) 77.53
McBurney operation see: Repair, hernia, inguinal
McCall operation (enterocele repair) 70.92
McCauley operation (release of clubfoot) 83.84
McDonald operation (encirclement suture, cervix) 67.59
McIndoe operation (vaginal construction) 70.61
McKeever operation (fusion of first metatarsophalangeal joint for hallux valgus repair) 77.52
McKissock operation (breast reduction) 85.33
McReynolds operation (transposition of pterygium) 11.31
Expand McVay operation
Expand Measurement
Expand Meatoplasty
Expand Meatotomy
Mechanical ventilation see: Ventilation
Mediastinectomy 34.3
Mediastinoscopy (transpleural) 34.22
Expand Mediastinotomy 34.1
Meloplasty, facial 86.82
Expand Meningeorrhaphy (cerebral) 02.12
Expand Meniscectomy (knee) NEC 80.6
Menstrual extraction or regulation 69.6
Expand Mentoplasty (augmentation) (with graft) (with implant) 76.68
Mesenterectomy 54.4
Mesenteriopexy 54.75
Mesenteriplication 54.75
Mesocoloplication 54.75
Mesopexy 54.75
Metatarsectomy 77.98
Metroplasty 69.49
Mid forceps delivery 72.29
Expand Mikulicz operation (exteriorization of intestine) (first stage) 46.03
Miles operation (proctectomy) 48.5
Military anti-shock trousers (MAST) 93.58
Millard operation (cheiloplasty) 27.54
Expand Miller operation
Millin-Read operation (urethrovesical suspension) 59.4
Mist therapy 93.94
Mitchell operation (hallux valgus repair) 77.51
Expand Mobilization
Mohs operation (chemosurgical excision of skin) 86.24
Molegraphy 87.81
Expand Monitoring
Moore operation (arthroplasty) 81.52
Expand Moschowitz
Mountain resort sanitarium 93.98
Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation 93.93
Moxibustion 93.35
MRI see: Imaging, magnetic resonance
Muller operation (banding of pulmonary artery) 38.85
Multiple sleep latency test (MSLT) 89.18
Mumford operation (partial claviculectomy) 77.81
Expand Musculoplasty
     see also: Repair, muscle
Music therapy 93.84
Mustard operation (interatrial transposition of venous return) 35.91
Expand Myectomy 83.45
Expand Myelogram, myelography (air) (gas) 87.21
Expand Myelotomy
Myocardiectomy (infarcted area) 37.33
Myocardiotomy 37.11
Expand Myoclasis 83.99
Expand Myomectomy (uterine) 68.29
Expand Myoplasty
     see also: Repair, muscle
Expand Myorrhaphy 83.65
Expand Myosuture 83.65
Myotasis 93.27
Expand Myotenontoplasty
     see also: Repair, tendon
Expand Myotenoplasty
     see also: Repair, tendon
Expand Myotenotomy 83.13
Expand Myotomy 83.02
Myringectomy 20.59
Myringodectomy 20.59
Myringomalleolabyrinthopexy 19.52
Expand Myringoplasty (epitympanic, type I) (by cauterization) (by graft) 19.4
Myringostapediopexy 19.53
Myringostomy 20.01
Expand Myringotomy (with aspiration) (with drainage) 20.09