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Procedure Index Entries ICD9-CM Code
Expand Nailing, intramedullary
Narcoanalysis 94.21
Narcosynthesis 94.21
Narrowing, palpebral fissure 08.51
Expand Nasopharyngogram 87.09
Necropsy 89.8
Needleoscopy (fetus) 75.31
Expand Needling
Expand Nephrectomy (complete) (total) (unilateral) 55.51
Nephrocolopexy 55.7
Nephrocystanastomosis NEC 56.73
Nephrolithotomy 55.01
Expand Nephrolysis 59.02
Nephropexy 55.7
Nephroplasty 55.89
Nephropyeloplasty 55.87
Nephropyeloureterostomy 55.86
Nephrorrhaphy 55.81
Nephroscopy 55.21
Nephrostolithotomy, percutaneous 55.03
Expand Nephrostomy (with drainage tube) 55.02
Nephrotomogram, nephrotomography NEC 87.72
Nephrotomy 55.01
Nephroureterectomy (with bladder cuff) 55.51
Nephroureterocystectomy 55.51 [57.79]
Nerve block (cranial) (peripheral) NEC
     see also: Block, by site
Neurectasis (cranial) (peripheral) 04.91
Expand Neurectomy (cranial) (infraorbital) (occipital) (peripheral) (spinal) NEC 04.07
Neurexeresis NEC 04.07
Expand Neuroablation
Expand Neuroanastomosis (cranial) (peripheral) NEC 04.74
Expand Neurolysis (peripheral nerve) NEC 04.49
Expand Neuroplasty (cranial) (peripheral) NEC 04.79
Neurorrhaphy (cranial) (peripheral) 04.3
Expand Neurotomy (cranial) (peripheral) (spinal) NEC 04.04
Expand Neurotripsy (peripheral) NEC 04.03
Nicola operation (tenodesis for recurrent dislocation of shoulder) 81.82
Nimodipine, infusion 99.75
NIPS (non-invasive programmed electrical stimulation) 37.20
Expand Nissen operation (fundoplication of stomach) 44.66
Noble operation (plication of small intestine) 46.62
Norman Miller operation (vaginopexy) 70.77
Norton operation (extraperitoneal cesarean section) 74.2
Nuclear magnetic resonance imaging see: Imaging, magnetic resonance
Expand Nutrition, concentrated substances