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Procedure Index Entries ICD9-CM Code
Ober (-Yount) operation (gluteal-iliotibial fasciotomy) 83.14
Expand Obliteration
Occlusal molds (dental) 89.31
Expand Occlusion
Occupational therapy 93.83
O'Donoghue operation (triad knee repair) 81.43
Odontectomy NEC
     see also: Removal, tooth, surgical
Oleothorax 33.39
Olshausen operation (uterine suspension) 69.22
Omentectomy 54.4
Omentofixation 54.74
Omentopexy 54.74
Omentoplasty 54.74
Omentorrhaphy 54.74
Omentotomy 54.19
Omphalectomy 54.3
Onychectomy 86.23
Onychoplasty 86.86
Expand Onychotomy 86.09
Expand Oophorectomy (unilateral) 65.39
Expand Oophorocystectomy 65.29
Oophoropexy 65.79
Oophoroplasty 65.79
Expand Oophororrhaphy 65.71
Expand Oophorostomy 65.09
Expand Oophorotomy 65.09
Expand Opening
Expand Operation
Operculectomy 24.6
Expand Ophthalmectomy 16.49
Ophthalmoscopy 16.21
Opponensplasty (hand) 82.56
Orbitomaxillectomy, radical 16.51
Expand Orbitotomy (anterior) (frontal) (temporofrontal) (transfrontal) NEC 16.09
Expand Orchidectomy (with epididymectomy) (unilateral) 62.3
Orchidopexy 62.5
Orchidoplasty 62.69
Orchidorrhaphy 62.61
Orchidotomy 62.0
Expand Orchiectomy (with epididymectomy) (unilateral) 62.3
Orchiopexy 62.5
Orchioplasty 62.69
Orthoroentgenography see: Radiography
Oscar Miller operation (midtarsal arthrodesis) 81.14
Osmond-Clark operation (soft tissue release with peroneus brevis tendon transfer) 83.75
Expand Ossiculectomy NEC 19.3
Ossiculotomy NEC 19.3
Expand Ostectomy (partial), except facial
     see also: (category)
     see also: Osteotomy
Expand Osteoclasis 78.70
Osteolysis see: (category)
Osteopathic manipulation
     see also: Manipulation, osteopathic
Expand Osteoplasty NEC see: (category)
     see also: Osteoplasty
Osteosynthesis (fracture) see: Reduction, fracture
Expand Osteotomy (adduction) (angulation) (block) (derotational) (displacement) (partial) (rotational) 77.30
Otonecrectomy (inner ear) 20.79
Expand Otoplasty (external) 18.79
Otoscopy 18.11
Outfolding, sclera, for buckling
     see also: Buckling, scleral
Outfracture, turbinates (nasal) 21.62
Output and clearance, circulatory 92.05
Overdistension, bladder (therapeutic) 96.25
Overlapping, sclera, for buckling
     see also: Buckling, scleral
Expand Oversewing
Oxford operation (for urinary incontinence) 59.4
Expand Oximetry
Expand Oxygenation 93.96
Expand Oxygen therapy (catalytic) (pump) 93.96