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Procedure Index Entries ICD9-CM Code
Rachicentesis 03.31
Rachitomy 03.09
Expand Radiation therapy
     see also: Therapy, radiation
Radical neck dissection see: Dissection, neck
Radicotomy 03.1
Radiculectomy 03.1
Radiculotomy 03.1
Expand Radiography (diagnostic) NEC 88.39
Radioimmunotherapy 92.28
Expand Radioisotope
Expand Radiology
Expand Radiosurgery, stereotactic 92.30
Raising, pedicle graft 86.71
Ramadier operation (intrapetrosal drainage) 20.22
Ramisection (sympathetic) 05.0
Ramstedt operation (pyloromyotomy) (with wedge resection) 43.3
Range of motion testing 93.05
Expand Rankin operation
Rashkind operation (balloon septostomy) 35.41
Expand Rastelli operation (creation of conduit between right ventricle and pulmonary artery) 35.92
Raz-Pereyra procedure (bladder neck suspension) 59.79
RCSA (radical cryosurgical ablation) of prostate 60.62
Readjustment see: Adjustment
Reamputation, stump 84.3
Reanastomosis see: Anastomosis
Expand Reattachment
Expand Recession
Expand Reclosure
     see also: Closure
Expand Reconstruction (plastic)
     see also: Construction and Repair, by site
Recontour, gingiva 24.2
Recreational therapy 93.81
     see also: Resection, rectum
Expand Rectopexy (Delorme) 48.76
Rectoplasty 48.79
Rectorectostomy 48.74
Rectorrhaphy 48.71
Expand Rectosigmoidectomy
     see also: Resection, rectum
Rectosigmoidostomy 45.94
Expand Rectostomy 48.1
Red cell survival studies 92.05
Expand Reduction
     see also: Excision, by site
Reefing, joint capsule
     see also: Arthroplasty
Re-entry operation (aorta) 39.54
Expand Re-establishment, continuity
     see also: Anastomosis
Expand Referral (for)
Expand Reformation
Expand Refracture
Expand Refusion
Regional blood flow study 92.05
Regulation, menstrual 69.6
Expand Rehabilitation programs NEC 93.89
Expand Reimplantation
Expand Reinforcement
     see also: Repair, by site
Expand Reinsertion
     see also: Insertion or Revision
     see also: Release training
Expand Release
Relief see: Release
Expand Relocation
     see also: Revision
Expand Remobilization
Expand Remodel
Expand Removal
     see also: Excision
Renipuncture (percutaneous) 55.92
Renogram 92.03
Expand Renotransplantation NEC 55.69
Expand Reopening
     see also: Incision, by site
Repacking see: Replacement, pack, by site
Expand Repair
Expand Replacement
Expand Replant, replantation
     see also: Reattachment
Expand Reposition
Expand Resection
     see also: Excision, by site
Respirator, volume-controlled (Bennett) (Byrd) see: Ventilation
Expand Restoration
Expand Restrictive
Expand Resurfacing, hip 00.86
Expand Resuscitation
Expand Resuture
Retavase, infusion 99.10
Reteplase, infusion 99.10
Expand Retinaculotomy NEC
     see also: Division, ligament
Expand Retraining
Retrogasserian neurotomy 04.02
Expand Revascularization
Expand Reversal, intestinal segment 45.50
Expand Revision
Rhinectomy 21.4
Expand Rhinocheiloplasty 27.59
Rhinomanometry 89.12
Expand Rhinoplasty (external) (internal) NEC 21.87
Expand Rhinorrhaphy (external) (internal) 21.81
Rhinoscopy 21.21
Rhinoseptoplasty 21.84
Rhinotomy 21.1
Expand Rhizotomy (radiofrequency) (spinal) 03.1
Expand Rhytidectomy (facial) 86.82
Rhytidoplasty (facial) 86.82
Ripstein operation (repair of prolapsed rectum) 48.75
Rodney Smith operation (radical subtotal pancreatectomy) 52.53
     see also: Radiography cardiac, negative contrast
Rolling of conjunctiva 10.33
Expand Root
Expand Rotation of fetal head
Expand Routine
Expand Roux-en-Y operation
Roux-Goldthwait operation (repair of recurrent patellar dislocation) 81.44
Roux-Herzen-Judine operation (jejunal loop interposition) 42.63
Rubin test (insufflation of fallopian tube) 66.8
Ruiz-Mora operation (proximal phalangectomy for hammer toe) 77.99
Expand Rupture
Russe operation (bone graft of scaphoid) 78.04