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Procedure Index Entries ICD9-CM Code
Sacculotomy (tack) 20.79
Expand Sacrectomy (partial) 77.89
Saemisch operation (corneal section) 11.1
Expand Salpingectomy (bilateral) (total) (transvaginal) 66.51
Salpingography 87.85
Salpingohysterostomy 66.74
Expand Salpingo-oophorectomy (unilateral) 65.49
Expand Salpingo-oophoroplasty 65.73
Salpingo-oophororrhaphy 65.79
Salpingo-oophorostomy 66.72
Expand Salpingo-oophorotomy 65.09
Salpingoplasty 66.79
Salpingorrhaphy 66.71
Salpingosalpingostomy 66.73
Salpingostomy (for removal of non-ruptured ectopic pregnancy) 66.02
Salpingotomy 66.01
Salpingo-uterostomy 66.74
Salter operation (innominate osteotomy) 77.39
Salvage (autologous blood) (intraoperative) (perioperative) (postoperative) 99.00
Sampling, blood for genetic determination of fetus 75.33
Sandpapering (skin) 86.25
Expand Saucerization
Sauer-Bacon operation (abdominoperineal resection) 48.5
Scalenectomy 83.45
Scalenotomy 83.19
Scaling and polishing, dental 96.54
Expand Scan, scanning
Expand Scapulectomy (partial) 77.81
Scapulopexy 78.41
Expand Scarification
Schanz operation (femoral osteotomy) 77.35
Expand Schauta (-Amreich) operation (radical vaginal hysterectomy) 68.79
Schede operation (thoracoplasty) 33.34
Expand Scheie operation
Schlatter operation (total gastrectomy) 43.99
Schroeder operation (endocervical excision) 67.39
Schuchardt operation (nonobstetrical episiotomy) 71.09
Schwartze operation (simple mastoidectomy) 20.41
Scintiphotography see: Scan, radioisotope
Scintiscan see: Scan, radioisotope
Expand Sclerectomy (punch) (scissors) 12.65
Scleroplasty 12.89
Sclerosis see: Sclerotherapy
Sclerostomy (Scheie's) 12.62
Expand Sclerotherapy
Expand Sclerotomy (exploratory) 12.89
Expand Scott operation
Expand Scraping
Scrotectomy (partial) 61.3
Scrotoplasty 61.49
Scrotorrhaphy 61.41
Scrototomy 61.0
Scrub, posterior nasal (adhesions) 21.91
Sculpturing, heart valve see: Valvuloplasty, heart
Expand Section
     see also: Division and Incision
Seddon-Brooks operation (transfer of pectoralis major tendon) 83.75
Semb operation (apicolysis of lung) 33.39
Senning operation (correction of transposition of great vessels) 35.91
Expand Separation
Expand Septectomy
Expand Septoplasty NEC 21.88
Septorhinoplasty 21.84
Septostomy (atrial) (balloon) 35.41
Septotomy, nasal 21.1
Expand Sequestrectomy
Sesamoidectomy 77.98
Setback, ear 18.5
Sever operation (division of soft tissue of arm) 83.19
Severing of blepharorrhaphy 08.02
Sewell operation (heart) 36.2
Sharrard operation (iliopsoas muscle transfer) 83.77
Expand Shaving
Shelf operation (hip arthroplasty) 81.40
Shirodkar operation (encirclement suture, cervix) 67.59
Expand Shock therapy
Expand Shortening
Expand Shunt
     see also: Anastomosis and Bypass, vascular
Expand Sialoadenectomy (parotid) (sublingual) (submaxillary) 26.30
Sialoadenolithotomy 26.0
Sialoadenotomy 26.0
Sialodochoplasty NEC 26.49
Sialogram 87.09
Sialolithotomy 26.0
Sieve, vena cava 38.7
Sigmoid bladder 57.87 [45.52]
Sigmoidectomy 45.76
Sigmoidomyotomy 46.91
Sigmoidopexy (Moschowitz) 46.63
     see also: Resection, rectum
Sigmoidoproctostomy 45.94
Sigmoidorectostomy 45.94
Sigmoidorrhaphy 46.75
Expand Sigmoidoscopy (rigid) 48.23
Expand Sigmoidosigmoidostomy 45.94
     see also: Colostomy
Sigmoidotomy 45.03
Sign language 93.75
Silver operation (bunionectomy) 77.59
Expand Sinogram
Expand Sinusectomy (nasal) (complete) (partial) (with turbinectomy) 22.60
Expand Sinusotomy (nasal) 22.50
Sistrunk operation (excision of thyroglossal cyst) 06.7
Expand Size reduction
Skeletal series (x-ray) 88.31
Expand Sling
     see also: Operation, sling
Expand Slitting
Slocum operation (pes anserinus transfer) 81.47
Sluder operation (tonsillectomy) 28.2
Small bowel series (x-ray) 87.63
Smith operation (open osteotomy of mandible) 76.62
Smith-Peterson operation (radiocarpal arthrodesis) 81.25
Smithwick operation (sympathectomy) 05.29
Snaring, polyp, colon (endoscopic) 45.42
Snip, punctum (with dilation) 09.51
Soave operation (endorectal pull-through) 48.41
Somatotherapy, psychiatric NEC 94.29
Sonneberg operation (inferior maxillary neurectomy) 04.07
Sorondo-Ferré operation (hindquarter amputation) 84.19
Soutter operation (iliac crest fasciotomy) 83.14
Spaulding-Richardson operation (uterine suspension) 69.22
Expand Spectrophotometry NEC 89.39
Speech therapy NEC 93.75
Spermatocelectomy 63.2
Spermatocystectomy 60.73
Spermatocystotomy 60.72
Sphenoidectomy 22.64
Sphenoidotomy 22.52
Sphincterectomy, anal 49.6
Expand Sphincteroplasty
Expand Sphincterorrhaphy, anal 49.71
Expand Sphincterotomy
Spinal anesthesia -- omit code
Spinelli operation (correction of inverted uterus) 75.93
Spirometry (incentive) (respiratory) 89.37
Spivack operation (permanent gastrostomy) 43.19
Splanchnicectomy 05.29
Splanchnicotomy 05.0
Expand Splenectomy (complete) (total) 41.5
Expand Splenogram 88.64
Expand Splenolysis 54.59
Splenopexy 41.95
Splenoplasty 41.95
Splenoportogram (by splenic arteriography) 88.64
Splenorrhaphy 41.95
Splenotomy 41.2
Expand Splinting
Expand Splitting
     see also: Division
     see also: Fusion, spinal
S.P. Rogers operation (knee disarticulation) 84.16
Ssabanejew-Frank operation (permanent gastrostomy) 43.19
Stab, intercostal 34.09
Expand Stabilization, joint
     see also: Arthrodesis
Stacke operation (simple mastoidectomy) 20.41
Expand Stallard operation (conjunctivocystorhinostomy) 09.82
Stamm (-Kader) operation (temporary gastrostomy) 43.19
Expand Stapedectomy 19.19
Stapediolysis 19.0
Expand Stapling
STARR (stapled transanal rectal resection) 70.52
Steinberg operation 44.5
Expand Steindler operation
Expand Stereotactic radiosurgery 92.30
Stereotactic head frame application 93.59
Expand Sterilization
Expand Sternotomy 77.31
Stewart operation (renal plication with pyeloplasty) 55.87
Expand Stimulation (electronic)
     see also: Implant, electronic stimulator
Stitch, Kelly-Stoeckel (urethra) 59.3
Stomatoplasty 27.59
Stomatorrhaphy 27.52
Stone operation (anoplasty) 49.79
Strapping (non-traction) 93.59
Strassman operation (metroplasty) 69.49
Strayer operation (gastrocnemius recession) 83.72
Expand Stretching
Expand Stripping
Stromeyer-Little operation (hepatotomy) 50.0
Strong operation (unbridling of celiac artery axis) 39.91
Stryker frame 93.59
Expand Study
Sturmdorf operation (conization of cervix) 67.2
Expand Submucous resection
Summerskill operation (dacryocystorhinostomy by intubation) 09.81
Expand Surgery
Surmay operation (jejunostomy) 46.39
Expand Suspension
Expand Suture (laceration)
Expand Suture-ligation
     see also: Ligation
Sweep, anterior iris 12.97
Expand Swenson operation
Swinney operation (urethral reconstruction) 58.46
Expand Switch, switching
Expand Syme operation
Expand Sympathectomy NEC 05.29
Sympatheticotripsy 05.0
Expand Symphysiotomy 77.39
Symphysis, pleural 34.6
     see also: Division, cartilage
Syndactylization 86.89
     see also: Division, ligament
Expand Synechiotomy
Expand Synovectomy (joint) (complete) (partial) 80.70
Expand Syringing