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Procedure Index Entries ICD9-CM Code
Taarnhoj operation (trigeminal nerve root decompression) 04.41
Tack operation (sacculotomy) 20.79
Expand Take-down
Talectomy 77.98
Talma-Morison operation (omentopexy) 54.74
Expand Tamponade
Tanner operation (devascularization of stomach) 44.99
Expand Tap
Expand Tarsectomy 08.20
     see also: Reconstruction, eyelid
Expand Tarsorrhaphy (lateral) 08.52
Expand Tattooing
Tautening, eyelid for entropion 08.42
Telemetry (cardiac) 89.54
Expand Teleradiotherapy
Temperament assessment 94.02
Temperature gradient study
     see also: Thermography
Tendinoplasty see: Repair, tendon
Expand Tendinosuture (immediate) (primary)
     see also: Suture, tendon
Expand Tendolysis 83.91
Tendoplasty see: Repair, tendon
Expand Tenectomy 83.39
Expand Tenodesis (tendon fixation to skeletal attachment) 83.88
Expand Tenolysis 83.91
Expand Tenomyoplasty
     see also: Repair, tendon
Tenomyotomy see: Tenonectomy
Expand Tenonectomy 83.42
Tenontomyoplasty see: Repair, tendon
Tenontoplasty see: Repair, tendon
Expand Tenoplasty
     see also: Repair, tendon
Expand Tenorrhaphy
     see also: Suture, tendon
Expand Tenosuspension 83.88
Expand Tenosuture
     see also: Suture, tendon
Expand Tenosynovectomy 83.42
Expand Tenotomy 83.13
Tenovaginotomy see: Tenotomy
Tensing, orbicularis oculi 08.59
Expand Termination of pregnancy
Expand Test, testing (for)
TEVAP (transurethral electrovaporization of prostate) 60.29
Thalamectomy 01.41
Expand Thalamotomy 01.41
Thal operation (repair of esophageal stricture) 42.85
Theleplasty 85.87
Expand Therapy
Thermocautery see: Cauterization
Expand Thermography 88.89
Thermokeratoplasty 11.74
Thermosclerectomy 12.62
Expand Thermotherapy (hot packs) (paraffin bath) NEC 93.35
Expand Thiersch operation
Expand Thompson operation
Expand Thoracectomy 34.09
Thoracentesis 34.91
Thoracocentesis 34.91
Thoracolysis (for collapse of lung) 33.39
Thoracoplasty (anterior) (extrapleural) (paravertebral) (posterolateral) (complete) partial) 33.34
Thoracoscopy, transpleural (for exploration) 34.21
Expand Thoracostomy 34.09
Expand Thoracotomy (with drainage) 34.09
Three-snip operation, punctum 09.51
Expand Thrombectomy 38.00
Expand Thromboendarterectomy 38.10
Expand Thymectomy 07.80
Thymopexy 07.99
Thyrochondrotomy 31.3
Thyrocricoidectomy 30.29
Thyrocricotomy (for assistance in breathing) 31.1
Expand Thyroidectomy NEC 06.39
Thyroidorrhaphy 06.93
Expand Thyroidotomy (field) (gland) NEC 06.09
Expand Thyrotomy 31.3
Tirofiban (HCL), infusion 99.20
Expand Toilette
Token economy (behavior therapy) 94.33
Tomkins operation (metroplasty) 69.49
Expand Tomography
     see also: Radiography
Tongue tie operation 25.91
Tonography 95.26
Tonometry 89.11
Expand Tonsillectomy 28.2
Tonsillotomy 28.0
Topectomy 01.32
Torek (-Bevan) operation (orchidopexy) (first stage) (second stage) 62.5
Torkildsen operation (ventriculocisternal shunt) 02.2
Torpin operation (cul-de-sac resection) 70.92
Toti operation (dacryocystorhinostomy) 09.81
Touchas operation 86.83
Touroff operation (ligation of subclavian artery) 38.85
Toxicology see: Examination, microscopic
TPN (total parenteral nutrition) 99.15
Trabeculectomy ab externo 12.64
Trabeculodialysis 12.59
Trabeculotomy ab externo 12.54
Trachelectomy 67.4
Trachelopexy 69.22
Tracheloplasty 67.69
Expand Trachelorrhaphy (Emmet) (suture) 67.61
Expand Trachelotomy 69.95
Tracheocricotomy (for assistance in breathing) 31.1
Tracheofissure 31.1
Tracheography 87.32
Expand Tracheolaryngotomy (emergency) 31.1
Expand Tracheoplasty 31.79
Tracheorrhaphy 31.71
Expand Tracheoscopy NEC 31.42
Expand Tracheostomy (emergency) (temporary) (for assistance in breathing) 31.1
Expand Tracheotomy (emergency) (temporary) (for assistance in breathing) 31.1
Tracing, carotid pulse with ECG lead 89.56
TRAM (transverse rectus abdominis musculocutaneous) flap of breast 85.7
Expand Traction
Expand Tractotomy
Expand Training (for) (in)
Expand Transactional analysis
Expand Transection
     see also: Division
Expand Transfer, transference
Expand Transfixion
     see also: Fixation
Expand Transfusion (of) 99.03
Expand Transillumination
Translumbar aortogram 88.42
Expand Transplant, transplantation
Expand Transposition
Transureteroureterostomy 56.75
     see also: Colostomy
Trapping, aneurysm (cerebral) 39.52
Trauner operation (lingual sulcus extension) 24.91
Expand Trephination, trephining
Trial (failed) forceps 73.3
Trigonectomy 57.6
Trimming, amputation stump 84.3
Triple arthrodesis 81.12
Trochanterplasty 81.40
Tsuge operation (macrodactyly repair) 82.83
Expand Tuck, tucking
     see also: Plication
Tudor "rabbit ear" operation (anterior urethropexy) 59.79
Expand Tuffier operation
TULIP (transurethral ultrasound guided laser induced prostectomy) 60.21
TUNA (transurethral needle ablation) of prostate 60.97
TUMT (transurethral microwave thermotherapy) of prostate 60.96
Expand Tunnel, subcutaneous (antethoracic) 42.86
Expand Turbinectomy (complete) (partial) NEC 21.69
Turco operation (release of joint capsules in clubfoot) 80.48
TURP (transurethral resection of prostate) 60.29
Tylectomy (breast) (partial) 85.21
Expand Tympanectomy 20.59
Tympanogram 95.41
Tympanomastoidectomy 20.42
Expand Tympanoplasty (type I) (with graft) 19.4
Tympanosympathectomy 20.91
Expand Tympanotomy 20.09